"She's Got Postpartum"

“She’s got postpartum.”

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The word postpartum can give off such a negative vibe. People whisper it like a curse word or an infectious disease. Contrary to the connotation of the word postpartum, a postpartum doula is something you just might want to have near your side after you give birth.

Although postpartum doulas can help women who are dealing with postpartum depression, we do so much more! We are called postpartum doulas because we support women during the postpartum period. Typically, this means up to a year after giving birth. Like a labor doula, we provide physical, emotional, and educational support.

Let ‘s talk about what that looks like!

Physical Support:

Postpartum support night nanny after baby care

We’ve got you covered! Your body has just done a lot of work and you deserve to rest. We will take care of bottle washing, light housework, and prepare snacks and meals. We can also provide support for breastfeeding, care for your baby while you rest, and help your baby get on a sleep and feeding schedule. Postpartum doulas also love helping big brother or sister feel involved in taking care of their new baby. With the help of a postpartum doula you can take it easy, let your body heal, and enjoy your newborn.

Emotional Support:

new orleans newborn care in home

The postpartum period is filled with many changes and you do not have to do it alone. We are trained to recognize the signs of postpartum blues and depression. A postpartum doula can talk to you about what is normal and answer any questions you have. Also, we make great listeners and can just hang out with you and watch a marathon of Flip or Flop if you want. Postpartum doulas provide comfort and security for parents.

Educational Support:

What is going on with your body? Is your baby getting enough to eat?

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Whether you are a first-time parent or you’re having your fourth child, a postpartum doula can be helpful. A postpartum doula is a baby expert. We can help you navigate through diaper changes, feedings, swaddling and more! Imagine having a person in your home that is a combination of Google and YouTube to help you day or night!

When giving birth, you have the support of your provider and nurses to care for you and your baby. Postpartum doulas extend that support past the hospital or birthing center. New Orleans Doulas offers professional, nonjudgmental support for you and your family in the comfort of your home.