Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties are the latest trend in pregnancy. Within the last ten years, these celebrations have become as popular as baby showers.

I mean who doesn’t love a good gender reveal? It builds the excitement for the baby and it’s a special moment that parents are letting us in on. But it’s still a fairly new trend so we’ve answered some common questions about gender reveal parties for expectant parents!

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WHAT is a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party is a celebration of the sex of a baby where expectant parents find out the gender at the same time as their guests. It is less formal than a baby shower and may involve other siblings in the reveal. 

WHEN do you have a gender reveal party?

Gender reveals usually happen halfway through the pregnancy (around 20 weeks). Couples tend to have the party before the third trimester so it’s not competing with the timing of the baby shower. 

WHO hosts the party?

Unlike a baby shower, the expectant parents typically host the party. The guest list is mostly composed of closest family and friends. 

WHERE do you have a gender reveal party?

Because the party is usually hosted by the expectant parents, it has a more casual and intimate feel in the comfort of their own home. The theme of your party will determine if your guests should gather in your living space or outdoors. 

HOW do you throw a gender reveal party?

  1. The first step is to decide on a theme and how you’re going to reveal the gender to your guests. There are tons of unique ideas on Pinterest!
  2. Inform your ultrasound technician that you want don’t want to know the sex of the baby at the beginning of your appointment. Ask him or her to seal the info in an envelope.
  3. Deliver the envelope to the person in charge of creating the form of reveal (i.e. the baker, a family member, etc.). You don’t want to be tempted to open it before the big day!
  4. Send out invitations. E-invites are the best way to spread the word. Don’t forget to include a little description about what a gender reveal is since it is still a fairly new trend. Are you expecting gifts? Be sure to include this in the invitation. (Normally gifts are given at the baby shower. Sometimes, parents request diapers and wipes for gender reveal parties.)
  5. Purchase supplies for the party. Etsy has lots of creative handmade items that would be perfect.
  6. Have fun! Gender reveal parties can be so much fun and get you excited for the arrival of your little whether you’re having a boy or a girl!

If you love a good gender reveal party too, check out the How They Revealed Instagram page here!

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