Beyoncé is not #Goals

There is no doubt that Beyoncé has slayed pregnancy not once, but twice.  Queen Bey’s first pregnancy of daughter Blue Ivy gave the Bey Hive life. Then she shut down the internet when she announced she was pregnant with twins. A post of her maternity shoot created quite a buzz and she looked as amazing as ever. But let’s be realistic, Beyoncé should never be #goals for motherhood.


Beyoncé posted a photo on Instagram of her with the twins in the middle of the night. She set a new record for the fastest post to receive a million likes, passing her own record with her maternity photo. The photo shows Beyoncé holding the newborns as she is adorned in flowers. The photo is nothing less of fabulous. However, any woman who has had a baby knows that the postpartum period, known as the fourth trimester, is far from fabulous.

Bringing home a new baby is exciting, but it is exhausting. Your body is getting adjusted to caring for this new being and no longer being pregnant. Keeping up with feedings and diaper changes while hardly sleeping leaves moms with very little energy. The average woman is just trying to find time to shower during this period. And though your friends may be itching to see a photo of your baby on social media, I highly doubt that it will go viral.

Motherhood is beautiful even if you do not have a glam squad or a team of professionals to help you take care of yourself and your baby. It is important to embrace this postpartum period to be whatever you want it to be. Take time for yourself. Bond with your baby. Take selfies and post photos of your baby if you want.  Have visitors if you choose.

Every woman deserves support if she wants it. Postpartum doulas are available to provide you with personalized support even Beyoncé would love. 

But don’t let pressures of society hold you to a standard that is not achievable for you. We are all slaying it when we are doing our personal best!