Labor Support

The most pivotal moments before you meet your baby do not have to be overcast with anxiety. This monumental time in your life can be prepared for, and supported, in a way that makes you feel as special as becoming a mother truly is.  

New Orleans Doula

New Orleans Doulas will coach and support you through this highly anticipated and memorable life changing event. Your doula’s exclusive focus will be on catering to your every need. 

Whether it is: 

  • Informational support by reminding you of your options or explaining a process or procedure.
  • Emotional support by helping you process the range of feelings you are experiencing. 
  • Physical support to help ease the discomfort of labor.

You can rely on your New Orleans Doula!

The manner in which you deliver is your choice to make and our commitment to support.  Our doulas are trained to help you navigate the birth process by utilizing a myriad of birthing techniques, comfort measures and positional changes.

See the difference having a New Orleans doula by your side can make!