Hypnobabies is a 6-week class series that includes valuable information about pregnancy, the process of childbirth, and caring for yourself and your baby during the postpartum period. Care providers recommend Hypnobabies because its students are well-informed, relaxed, and calm!

Some of the information in Hypnobabies includes:

  • How to stay healthy during pregnancy
  • How to keep a positive mindset through mindfulness
  • What actually happens during birth  (What happens to the mother's body? How does the baby fit?)
  • Benefits and risks of certain medical procedures
  • Ideas for crafting your birth plan
  • Examples of different positions to use for birthing comfortably

In addition to the amazing information listed above, Hypnobabies teaches you unique mental tools that will help you to have an easier and more comfortable birth experience. Through prenatal practice, you will experience birth sensations as MUCH easier!

To help you practice these tools, Hypnobabies includes:

  • Relaxing audio tracks to listen to
  • Scripts to be read to you by your partner
  • Fear-clearing sessions
  • Practical, easy ways for the partner to help make the mother more comfortable

One of the reasons that Hypnobabies is so popular with expectant parents is that it really works. Hypnobabies students are so pleased with the tools and instruction they receive during the class and how it positively impacts their births, that they often tell everyone they know "You have GOT to take this class if you ever have kids!"

Hypnobabies brings so much peace and serenity that the birthing mothers often look like they are resting or napping comfortably, even during the more intense stages of birth. Classes are informative, engaging, fun, and relaxing. Reach out today for information about how to register!